Wainwright Building in Zip Code 63101

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Wainwright Building

Wainwright Building in St Louis

Wainwright Building
705 Chestnut Street
St. Louis, MO 63101

The Wainwright Building, a 10-story brick building located in Downtown St. Louis Missouri, was built in 1892 and is a St Louis Landmark. It's architectural style, Sullivanesque, is historically significant in that it was the "prototype" of the modern skyscraper. Architect Louis Sullivan solved the problem that other architects were having with how to treat skyscrapers. He came up with the idea to treat these tall buildings like a column with three parts, base, shaft, and attic. The Wainwright Building is named for Ellis Wainwright, a wealthy St. Louis brewer who had the building constructed for his offices. It is designated as a "City Landmark", a "National Historic Landmark", and is on the "National Register of Historic Places".

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Wainright Building, City and National Landmark, built 1890
Wainright Building, City and National Landmark, built 1890
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